Frequently Asked Questions

Why did you call them “Twigeeze“?

The first orchardist who tried them said, “Those damn Twigeeze are great!” Different spelling of course and we deleted the adjective!

Why are they red?

After sampling many colors and materials, we settled on a recycled clear thermoplastic that could be colored red. We had complaints from early users if they were black, or other color. People like to see them in the trees; so they are red for visibility.

Where can I find a dealer?

Stark Nurseries is our longest running dealer. They are located in Louisiana, Missouri.


Peaceful Valley Farm and Garden Supply is also one of our dealers.

http://www.groworganic.com/search#q=limb spreaders&p=1

Our partner company “HydroRoot” out of Charlevoix, MI is also a dealer.


Can I become a dealer?

Absolutely! It requires a cash commitment for a minimum buy of each size. Typically, the investment is @ $3,500 USD.

Do you have any other products?

Yes, we have many more products that we make. We also make “Vineeze”, “HydroRoot”, and Stakeeze.


Green Vineeze