Famous Customers

Our Most Famous Customer – Mt. Vernon Ladies Association

Everything at Mt. Vernon is restored to exactly how George Washington would have seen it in his lifetime at his revered Potomac River estate. When I toured there, the house, grounds; everything I saw was restored and furnished to original construction specifications. However, when I viewed the orchard between the barn and the Potomac, I was surprised to see our Twigeeze Limb spreaders at word in the orchard! They were installed correctly and were doing exactly what they were intended for. They might have looked out of place; red plastic in a circa 1780’s setting, but they worked properly. Granted, George Washington might have used cuttings from the trees themselves, as some still do, but let’s think of him as an innovator.

I approached the groundskeeper and after introductions, i offered to send a large assortment of Twigeeze to the Mt. Vernon Ladies Association who are in charge of the famous estate. They were grateful and continued to use our line of limb spreaders. I am proud of this small contribution to our heritage. Knowing how interested he was in all things natural, and being an inventor, Thomas Jefferson might have used them also!

George Washington’s Mt. Vernon Estate