About Twigeeze

Progressive growers everywhere have discovered the most efficient and economical method for training young orchards and ornamentals – Twigeeze Limb Spreaders. Developed and perfected by growers, these durable plastic spreaders are the “State of the art” for tree training. Twigeeze Limb Spreaders install quickly, stay in place, and can be used again and again to maximize orchard productivity.

We have a full line of limb spreaders to help shape and train fruit trees, nut trees and ornamentals. These spreaders are available in 7 different sizes: 3”, 4.5”, 6”, 9”, 12”, 15”, and 18”.

We warrant Twigeeze limb spreaders against defects for one year. They will last much longer if properly used and removed periodically. We accept no liability for improper usage!

If you still use hazardous and time consuming wood, metal, or wire systems try TWIGEEZE and enjoy these benefits…

Twigeeze Benefits

Durable:  High quality molded recycled plastic is very strong; resists effects of weather and ultraviolet radiation.

Economical:  Can be reused over many seasons.

Efficient:  Variety of Sizes install quickly and stay in place; design ideal for all types of training.

Safe:  Will not puncture tires or damage equipment; high visibility red color, no splinters.


To install Twigeeze Limb Spreaders, gently push one end into a bud or leaf area of a twig. Then slide the spreader downward and into place against the central leader. Engage the anchor points which are in the v-shaped ends of the shaft. The bracket should rest at about 45 degrees from vertical. Adjust the placement for a secure installation.

Green Content: Twigeeze are proudly manufactured by MP6 in Traverse City, MI USA. Traverse City is the cherry capital of the world. We use a UV stabilized, recycled thermoplastic making them a green product. We developed this material source long before “Green” meant “Green”. Back then, it was just a color!